Mosques & Islamic Architecture Exhibition MIAE 2019


More mosques to be built in UAE

With at least one mosque located in every area, the UAE currently has 5,469 beautifully built mosques across its seven emirates, and is aiming to build 215 more.

Known for its traditionally built mosques and Islamic architecture, statistics showed that UAE currently has 5,469 beautifully built mosques across its seven emirates, and is confirmed that construction of the new mosques has already started in different emirates to build 215 more.

The appeal for building mosques is increasing across the UAE in general due to the urban expansion and construction of new cities and towns


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network with your business partners.

Project Planning & Execution: Join developers & architects Showcase your projects to buyers and

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Portfolio management: Join business services Expand your network and  highlight your expertise to the

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Exhibitor profile

International Manufacturers, Suppliers, Experts & Providers of Equipment, Technology,Products, Services & Expertise willing to expand and/or introduce into the U.A.E markets

within the following categories:

  • Construction and architecture Contracting
  • Mosques designing
  • Green spaces and gardens contractors
  • Lighting, crystals and, chandeliers
  • Sound Systems
  • Maintenance and restoration of monuments
  • Mosques facilities services providers
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Monitoring and safety systems
  • Fire and safety equipment
  • Hajj and Umrah
  • Islamic arts
  • Carpentry, doors and decoration
  • Cooling and heating Systems suppliers
  • Water use and rationalization Systems
  • Multimedia, printing and publishing houses of the holey Quran and Clocks
  • Carpets, floors and walls
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Islamic institutions and associations linked to Mosques

  • Schell Scheme : US$ 650 sqm, Minimum of 9 sqm
  • Shell scheme stand includes walls, tile carpeted floor, one spot light for each three sq m, power outlet, fascia board with company name, two chairs and desk, general security and cleaning
  • Includes: Exhibition area and prefabricated stand system • Table (s), chairs depending on stand size • Spot-lights (on bus bars) depending on stand size • Carpeting and fascia board description (company name) • Advertisement costs (ex. 1 entry in Exhibition catalogue) • Pre-cleaning and daily stand cleaning • 1 power supply (3 KW) incl. waste disposal
   *Depends on stand size  
  • Bare Space only US$590 per sq.m - Minimum area 18 sq.m Include: Space only (carpets and electricity to be invoiced separately)
Stand construction Each stand must have its own walls. Exhibitors may not fasten anything to the hall pillars or other fixed structures in the hall. MIAE 2019 Stands must be ready for electrical installations on Sunday 8th October by noon. The decoration time for the package stands ordered from DASEC is on Monday 7th of October from 12:00 until 22:00. Cleaning of the stands will begin on last construction day at 04:00 pm. Driving into the halls Passenger cars are not allowed in the halls. Vans and trucks are permitted to drive into the halls to quickly unload the vehicle until Monday 7th October at 16:00; there are no carts by the doors for transporting goods to the stands. N.B. It is not allowed to park delivery trucks on parking lot during the opening days of the Exhibition. There is no night watch at the area. Opening Hours Tuesday      8th  October 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Wednesday 9th  October  10 a.m. - 4 p.m. NB. Electricity on the stands will be switched off every day 20 minutes after the Exhibition closes. Therefore, place an order for 24-hour electricity service if you find it necessary for your appliances (refrigerators, computers etc.). More information concerning technical orders and stand construction contact our Technical Advisor. Passes and Customer Cards The Exhibition passes will not be sent to exhibitors. The Exhibitor and constructor passes can be easily printed out from the events websites. Printing of the badges is possible earliest three weeks before the event.   Stand Maintenance Maintenance hours during the Exhibition are in the mornings before the Exhibition opens: Tuesday       8th October 7:30 - 9:00 Wednesday  9th October 7:30 - 9:00   Doors: During opening hours goods can’t be delivered via public entrances. Water Exhibitors can get fresh water from all water faucets e.g. for cleaning. Faucets cannot be used for washing painting supplies. Stand Dismantling Wednesday 9th October 04:30 – 09:00 P.M Doors: Dismantling may not begin until after the Exhibition closes. Electricity on the stands will be switched off half an hour after the Exhibition closes. Therefore, contact our electrician on duty  beforehand if you find it necessary to have electricity on your stand after this. Driving in the halls is permitted after the carpets have been removed from the passageways. In order to avoid theft, please take with you all easily removable objects from your stand after the Exhibition closes.   The delivery address is: United Arab Emirates Sharjah , Sharjah University Delivering is possible only during the official constructing hours. Please ensure that a representative of your company is present at the stand: Shipments arriving in the Exhibition Centre must be addressed directly to the stand or to a forwarder. The shipment should always have an appointed receiver who inspects the quality and quantity of the shipment and takes responsibility for the shipment. Personnel at the Venue cannot sign for goods on your behalf. If no one is available to sign for goods, they may be taken back to the delivery centre or left unattended at your stand. If the exhibitor receives a package via post during the construction period and the representative of the company is not present, the package will be brought to the post office which is near by the Exhibition Venue. The exhibitor can collect the packet from there. If the exhibitor is not there to take care of the shipment, the exhibitor can address the shipment to Das Exhibitions & Conference who will receive the shipment, inspect the condition of the shipment and send the notice of arrival, store the goods if necessary and deliver them to the stand as agreed. Addressing the shipment to Das Exhibitions ensures timely delivery of goods to stand. Shipments sent directly to the stand can only be delivered during official construction time. As the official partner of DAS Exhibitions, is the only representative who can receive a shipment outside the exhibition building time. The address in this case is: For further information about stand planning, building and dismantling, please send email on : info@dasec.ae Planning the stand Stand construction and safety The event organizer is responsible for the general safety of the event and for ensuring that guidelines are observed. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their stands, with respect both to structures and exhibited items. Stand builders are responsible for the safety of the stands they build; this applies to both property damage and personal injury. The location of the stand and the stand number Your stand number and the location of the stand in the hall will be shown in a separate plan, where the locations of any floor drains and columns are also marked. Das Exhibitions will attach the stand numbers to the fascia, or, if there isn't one, to the wall. Areas that are left between stands have been marked with crossbars in the plan. Those areas and the space between the back wall of the stand and the wall of the hall must not be used as storage space, on account of fire safety requirements. Fire hydrants must be left readily accessible in accordance with the location plan (marked on the map with ‘PP’). Stand constructions and height The standard height of stand constructions ordered from Das Exhibitions is 250 cm. For construction and decoration solutions that are higher than this, permission is needed. The height of the fascia is 30 cm. In a fascia with a profile structure, the height of the free space is 20 cm. With constructions higher than 250 cm, the minimum distance from neighboring stands is two meters, unless the exhibitor makes a written agreement with the neighboring stand for a different arrangement. This does not apply to exhibits. Each stand must have outlining walls. Standard wall and profile structures cannot be combined. Additional advertising space and extra-high constructions Constructions higher than 250 cm are counted as additional advertising space, which is charged for. The charge does not apply to all events. Please check event-specific terms of participation. Pillars The maximum height of constructions erected around the pillars in the hall is five metres (see the ‘Additional advertising space’ section). Decorations are not to be attached to the pillars or other fixed structures of the hall. If there happens to be pillar at your stand's location, a separate dimensional drawing of the pillar will be provided with the location map of the stand. Helium balloons Giving out gas-filled balloons at the stand is not allowed.     Stand electricity Stand-specific electricity will always be installed to order. Please attach to your electricity order the location drawings for power supplies at the stand. During the exhibition, electricity supply to the stands will be cut off for the night. If you need electricity during the night at your stand – for example, for IT equipment or a fridge – make sure to order a wall socket with continuous electrical supply. Attaching the carpet The stand carpet may be fastened to the hall floor with weak-adhesive tape. Using tape that is hard to detach from the floor is forbidden. After the exhibition, all tape must be removed from the floor. Raised flooring If the stand floor is being raised more than 12 cm, the open sides must be equipped with steps or a railing. Please provide drawings of the raised flooring to the event's Technical Coordinator in advance. Heavy exhibition items Heavy machines that will be demonstrated in operation must be equipped with a weight-distributing base. Make sure that the audience can view the exhibits at your stand safely and comfortably. Permits Retail sales The instructions on retail sale vary, so please check them on the event-specific terms of participation Food products If food products are being sold, served, offered in tastings, or prepared at your stand, you must give notice to the Municipality Food & Environment Centre of the City. Further information on selling, serving, and offering tastings of food products contact Das Exhibitions. Catering at the stand Catering is provided by External company. You may become acquainted with the catering services and order catering in advance. This way, we can ensure the best possible service.         Showing movies, music, and TV at the stand The movies shown at the exhibition do not need to be inspected, but notification concerning them has to be submitted. The classification/ notification form for audiovisual programmes can be obtained from Das Exhibitions. Insurance Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their products and stand structures. Das Exhibitions' liability insurance will cover only the damages caused to a third party through the actions of its own staff or its equipment or constructions. Remember that valuables should not be left at the stand unattended. You can insure your exhibition property with any registered insurance. Safety at the stand The materials used at the stand need to be fire-classified or flame-proofed. The instructions for this are based on the Civil Defence of U.A.E  and on the laws and regulations on fire and rescue services. For further information on fire safety, contact the Hall Manager, or info@dasec.ae Dangerous substances may be stored on exhibition premises only with a special permit. If you wish to bring dangerous substances to the stand, in all cases a report on the substances and an application need to be submitted to the hall manager at least 45 days before the exhibition is to start. For further information on dangerous substances, refer to the document ‘Stand construction and safety at Das Exhibitions'. If food is being prepared at the stand, any surfaces that could become hot must be isolated from the audience. First-aid extinguishing equipment must be available in the facilities in case there is a fire: a smothering blanket or a powder extinguisher. Areas between stands or between the stand’s back wall and the wall of the hall must not be used as storage space, for fire safety reasons. If there is a fire hydrant in the stand’s area, passage to the fire hydrant must be kept clear.
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